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What’s new for 2022

We are very happy to present you wonderful new instruments, again! It is our mission to make your life a little more stress-free and more relaxed. Our instruments are exactly the right tools for this.

Let's get right to it.

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That’s what you can expect on the following page:

Crystal Singing Chalices

These beautifully handcrafted goblets of high-purity quartz are very popular instruments for sound healing sessions. You can use our five new Crystal Singing Chalices for a mass of purposes: Relaxation therapy, chakra healing, meditation, physiotherapy, sound therapy, yoga, adjusting your emotional state, or even for room decorating

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They are very easy to hold because of their light weight and can be easily put down on a table or the floor. These chalices are tuned to different notes, corresponding with different chakras.

Their long-lasting tone spreads outward when they are gently tapped or rubbed, filling the surroundings with ethereal tones and a calming, positive energy.

Color-frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are one of our most successful categories, so we prepared wonderful news here as well: The Color-frosted Crystal Singing Bowls, made of high-purity quartz, finished with great colors. We offer seven bowls in seven chakras, also available as a complete chakra set including the right mallets.

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Crystal Singing Bowls have a very long resonance, are easy to activate, and with their colorful look, they also look remarkably good.

Crystal Singing Bowl Sleeve Set

Crystal Singing Bowls need protection for transport or for storing them. We already offer four sizes of bags, but there is something new: A Protective Sleeve Set for Crystal Singing Bowls. It is designed to stack your crystal singing bowls safely and securely inside each other.

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As a result, you need fewer bags and therefore less storage space on your trips. With that sleeve set, you can stack your complete Chakra Set with seven bowls into only two fourteen inches bags.

Crystal Singing Bowls with handle

Our two White-frosted Crystal Singing Bowls with a nice transparent handle are an upgrade to our regular White-frosted Crystal Singing Bowls, bringing more flexibility to sound healing sessions.

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With eigth inches or ten inches diameter and clear handles, these singing bowls are comfortable to hold and to control. You are no longer fixed to a static place and can send vibrations directly to specific areas like the head or the feet.


We added one new 12 inch Steel Tongue Drum with a lovely Pearl Grey finish, tuned to G Minor.

Minor scales are useful to express deep feelings and they are also great for kids to calm down.

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Frame Drums

Frame drums are not only present in the world of percussion & drums, they are also used for meditative purposes. We expanded our range by two models with a nice Tree of Life design.

One is a so called Native American-Style Hoop Drum, which has a hand-selected buffalo head that sounds warm and powerful. The skin is pulled around the back and fixed across the middle for a traditional and adjustable grip. The stable fifteen inch frame is made of lightweight premium fiberglass. It comes with a leather padded wooden beater.

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hand drum

The other one is a classical hand drum, which comes equipped with a hand-selected goatskin head.

The skin offers uniform thickness and warm resonant tones. The lightweight and stable Siam Oak shell is shaped to allow for a comfortable grip and easy finger placement on the playing surface.

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Tibetian bells are also called Buddhist bells. They can be struck to produce a very typical bright bell sound, or they can be rubbed on the rim to make them "sing" like a singing bowl.

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They are for example popular for starting and ending meditations. We added a nice smaller sized bell there.

Chimes Stand

Our new Chimes Stand is a fully adjustable tripod stand made of solid steel. You can adjust it easily and mount your chimes at a comfortable height. The black powder coating gives it an attractive finish to match any instrument or environment.

Rubber feet prevent slipping and ensure a secure stand at all times. For transport or storage, you can fold the stand to save space. Just put on wooden or metallic chimes from Sonic Energy.

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    What we presented in 2021

    Here’s a short review of the instruments we have already presented during the year in 2021.

    Chakra Gongs

    We already introduced seven new chakra gongs for you. They are hand-hammered artworks from Germany. Based on Hans Cousto's well-known calculations of "The Cosmic Octave". Each Chakra Gong is set to a specific frequency that aids in chakra activation. Our Chakra Gongs range in size from 24 inches to 36 inches.

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    Giant TAM TAMS

    Then we included two extra large Tam Tams in our program: One with 50 inches diameter and one with 60 inches diameter. They are also hand-hammered masterpieces from Germany and meet the highest tonal demands of modern sound music, orchestras and sound healers.

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    Wind Gongs & Chau Tam Tams

    You've probably seen similar flat-shaped Wind Gongs in our program before, but what sets these new ones apart is the gorgeous pattern on the front.

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    KUN Wind Gongs

    Our new Kun Wind Gongs have the same size variety, from 20 inches up to 32 inches diameter.

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    Yin & Yang Wind Gongs

    Our new Yin & Yang Wind Gongs are available in a variety of sizes from 20 inches up to 32 inches diameter.

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    Flower of Life Wind Gongs

    Our new Flower of Life Wind Gongs are available in 16, 20, and 24 inches.

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    Yin & Yang Chau Tam Tams

    Finally, our new Yin & Yang Chau Tam Tams are available in three sizes: 24, 28, and 32 inches.

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    Our Kalimbas have been on the market for over a year and it's been a success story. Not only in the world of sound healing, but also among percussionists, beginners and all kinds of musicians. As a consequence, we added more high quality Kalimbas.

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    pickup Kalimbas

    Three pickup models with a quarter-inch output jack to amplify the instrument whenever you need to. The pickup is perfect for larger rooms, stages, or even recordings. These Kalimbas are equipped with 17 notes, in different remarkable woods.

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    SOUNDHOLE Kalimbas

    Then, we have two new soundhole models with ten notes each.

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    solid Kalimbas

    And four new solid models with a beautiful Tree of Life or Flower of Life relief: Two Kalimbas with ten notes each... 

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    ... and two Mini Kalimbas with eight notes each.

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    Steel Tongue Drums

    Meinl Sonic Energy's Steel Tongue Drums come with pre-tuned notes that any music enthusiast, teacher, or sound therapy practitioner can play.

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    We added two new 7 inch diameter sizes: one in F Minor and one in G Minor.

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    Glad you stayed through to here and helped us with our mission to make the world a little more relaxed. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We wish you all the best!

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