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Beaters, Mallets & Rods

Beaters, mallets, and rods are essential accessories for many sound healing and meditation instruments, including gongs, singing bowls, and tongue drums. These tools are used to produce a range of sounds and tones, from deep and resonant to light and ethereal, making them a versatile addition to any practice. With different materials and designs available, including rubber, suede, and wood, it's easy to find the perfect beater, mallet, or rod for any sound healing instrument.

For Gongs

  • Colorful gong mallets
  • Resonant mallets
  • Tam Tam beaters

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For Singing Bowls

  • Natural felt headed mallets
  • Plain and leather headed resonant mallets
  • Double headed mallets

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For Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Coated silicone rods
  • Half-coated silicone rods
  • Rubber headed mallet

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For Tongue Drums

  • Flexible, synthetic mallets with rubber heads


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