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by Luis Ribeiro

The Unforgettable Handpan Sound

Hi, my name is Luis Ribeiro

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, but moved to Austria later, to pursue my studies at the Music University for Performing Arts in Vienna, where I eventually taught percussion. During my career as multi-percussionist I worked with Hans Zimmer (World of Hans Zimmer), Austrian TV Show Dancing Stars, José Feliciano, Gloria Gaynor, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, and many other amazing artists.

My connection to Handpans

My first time touching a handpan was at the Meinl headquarters in Germany in 2019. I was there to record some percussion videos for Meinl Percussion and after finishing, Jim, the marketing manager for Sonic Energy, showed me some new instruments at the Meinl showroom...

...We tried out a lot of instruments and I came across the handpan assortment. These instruments looked so nice - I immediately had to play on them. The sound...oh my god, simply unforgettable…Everything I played just sounded good and felt great.

My favorite handpan

This moment was so special and unforgettable to me, that I finally ordered the handpan I especially loved playing on that day.
As you know emotions are not easy to describe - I feel deeply connected to these handpans, because of the extremely warm sound, the great look, and easy playability. The smooth and warm sound makes me feel like I'm floating.

Read more about my favorite handpan

Playing handpan is meditative

I'm very methodical, and love structuring my time with schedules and deadlines. When it comes to handpan playing, it has to be another approach…

It's almost impossible to play the handpan without diving deep into a meditative state. It is so natural to sit in front of the instrument and just keep playing and playing. Afterward, I feel so light and so happy every time. My wife and my youngest son told me that they experienced a profound sleep after listening to my handpan playing.

Starting with the Handpan

If you're interested to start playing the handpan, I would suggest you find an online course or a local teacher who will guide you through the basics. In addition, you should watch a few videos online to get an idea to which style, sound, technique, and player you feel connected to. Then, you can practice according to this type of player and avoid big mistakes in the future.

Find The Right Handpan

In my opinion, it is essential to have a strong connection to the sound of your instrument, that's why I think it's absolutely necessary for you to hear and try out different handpans that Meinl Sonic Energy offers. Find the perfect one which fits your deep feelings and your style of playing. 

Sharpen your sensitivity to feel and connect with the instrument, so you will create a powerful relationship that will energize you anytime you play the handpan.

My Handpan Course


If you are interested in starting your handpan journey with me, you should have a look at my handpan beginner course. Click here for the free course

Below, you can try out a free lesson - have fun!

Solo Melody - Handpan only

Try to practice these simple groove patterns. Stop after each chapter, practice the pattern and then combine them, finally.

      Melody - Ensemble with more instruments

      That's how the groove patterns from the first video could be integrated in a musical context with other instruments.

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