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You're new to the world of Sonic Energy and want to learn more about the usage and the background of our different instruments? Then you are absolutely right here!

Our Instruments

There are the most diverse uses of Sonic Energy instruments in the musical, therapeutic, or relaxing field. Have a look and be inspired!

Handpans are played by street musicians or at home, in recording sessions, because of their distinctive ambient vibe, or even on big stages. They are used both musically and in a meditative context. 

Handpans are hand-hammered masterpieces and feature notes that resonate once more in their octave range. This creates a particularly soothing sound that immediately makes the listener feel devout and calm.

They are exclusively played by hands. Please avoid jewelry or hard mallets which could detune the handpans.

Combination tip:
Foot Shakers, Wooden Chimes

Steel Tongue Drums are machine made instruments that contain multiple, "milled out" tongues. The larger the tongue, the deeper the sound. They produce beautiful, relaxing sounds through their resonating body.

You will find these instruments among absolute beginners, as well as professional musicians. Similar to handpans, sometimes in a meditative context, sometimes in a more musical context.
Minor keys tend to be a bit more reflective and calm, while major keys tend to be a bit more serene.

These drums are tuned pentatonically, so they are harmonic in themselves and therefore easy to use for everyone.

Combination tip:
Foot Shakers, Wooden Chimes

In the field of "Sound Healing" and "Chakra therapy", metallic singing bowls are absolute must-haves. They are put on certain parts of the body or around a person and struck or rubbed with a mallet, and are mostly used for therapeutic purposes. The user and patient are immediately grounded and relaxed by their vibration and clear sound.

They're typically utilized in ensembles. Large bowls are employed in the lower body, whereas smaller bowls are used in the upper body.

Singing bowls are handcrafted and not tuned on a special note, but are sorted by weight & size.

Combination tip:
Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Wave Drums, Wooden Chimes & Shakers

Kalimbas have been absolute trend instruments for several years because they are so easy to learn. They are used at home, on stage or also for recordings and in loop stations. In the meditative context you see them rather rarely, but even there they are gradually finding more use.

Combination tip:
Foot Shakers, Wooden Chimes

Crystal singing bowls are evolutions of the classical (metallic) singing bowls. They are made of high-purity quartz glass and can produce a very powerful sound that fills entire rooms with soothing vibration. Therefore, they are particularly popular in the field of meditation, well-being and relaxation.

Some bowls are equipped with a holder or are built in the shape of a chalice, which allows the player to move freely in the room and work flexibly around the meditator.

Crystal singing bowls are tuned to exact frequencies, which makes it possible to play e.g. triads with them.

Combination tip:
Gongs, Singing Bowls, Wave Drums, Wooden Chimes & Shakers

Gongs are masterpieces of craftsmanship, some tuned to a specific tone, some without exact frequency. They can be used to create magnificent soundscapes, often in conjunction with singing bowls.

While large gongs are played in sturdy stands, there are also smaller ones that can be held in the hand, used to walk around during a Sound Healing.

Gongs with a flat shape, are called wind gongs. They offer a wide tonal spectrum and a long sustain. Lower tones are more dominant when played softly, but with more powerful playing the gong opens up nicely and produces wave-like overtones.

Gongs with a bent-out shape (Chau Tam Tams) have a large spread of tones and characteristics. From a sustained low hum to a brooding roar to fast explosive crashes, they work in many situations and blend well with other gongs and instruments.

Planetary Tuned Gongs & Chakra Gongs are handcrafted in Germany. Each gong is tuned to create the corresponding frequency using Hans Cousto's (The Cosmic Octave) calculations to match the frequencies of the sun, moon, and planets. They are used especially in spiritual contexts or also in sound healings.

Combination tip:
Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Wave Drums, Wooden Chimes & Shakers

Tuning forks have been developed primarily for therapeutic purposes, to re-stabilize imbalances. Similar to acupuncture, there are defined points where tuning forks are placed to release tension in the body by means of their vibration.

Since the sound of tuning forks is barely audible, they can be wonderfully complemented by our corresponding Energy Chimes (in the same frequency) to make the sound audible and add one more sense to the experience.

Our Therapy Tuning Forks are slightly heavier and vibrate therefore a bit longer than our Tuning Forks.

Our Crystal Tuning Forks are the largest tuning forks of our collection. They have a very long sustain and great power. Lastly, they look extremely nice.

Combination tip:
Energy Chimes

Energy Chimes are fine-sounding chime sticks, which are used for example at the beginning or end of a meditation or sound journey. But you can also see them in classrooms, kindergartens or as a sound effect for musicians.

In combination with tuning forks they can auditively clarify the corresponding sound of a tuning fork.

Combination tip:
Tuning Forks

Sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea is an issue faced by many people around the globe. A relatively unknown way to find relief and sleep better is to play the didgeridoo! The so called "circular breathing" raises conscious attention by the player towards the breathing mechanism while also strengthening many muscles involved in breathing. That has a positive impact on our sleep.

Didgeridoos are of course also often used in street music, world music and percussion recordings. By using a didgeridoo stand the player can use his/her hands to add even more instruments to the music.

Combination tip:
Foot Shakers, Wooden Chimes, Frame Drums, Handpans, Steel Tongue Drums

By "Sound Effects" we mean all the instruments that are used to frame your music or meditation and make it even more intense. Shakers, chimes, bells, tingshas, rain sticks, wave drums, kalimbas etc. play individual sounds that make the listener dream visually and thus bring him even deeper into relaxation.

Combination tip:
Any other Sonic Energy instruments. Be creative. :)

Meditation Flow Chimes can be played with a mallet or bowed in a glissando. The gentle waving around and turning of the chimes creates a meditative "floating sound" that invites you to dream.

These chimes are especially used in sound healings and meditations. The session leader usually walks around the participants with them and plays the soothing sound on them.

Combination tip:
Gongs, Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Wave Drums, Wooden Chimes & Shakers

Frame drums are probably one of the oldest instruments in the world. They are played by percussionists, but also used by beginners who need the natural sound to relax. Their rudimentary, earthy sound reminds us of our origins and makes us concentrate on the essential. 
Some also use frame drums as a sound resonator to sing into and bring them into harmony with themselves.

Combination tip:
Wooden Chimes & Shakers

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