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Therapy Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls differ in size, shape, thickness, material, and the way they are crafted, which affects their tone, volume, and resonance. The size of the bowl determines its pitch, with larger bowls producing deeper sounds. The thickness and material of the bowl can affect its sustain and overtone quality, and the way it is crafted can give each bowl a unique sound and character.

Origin Series

These singing bowls are raw, natural with power and energy.

Universal Series

These singing bowls are intended to be used in a variety of situations and are great starter bowls.

Energy Therapy Series

These singing bowls feature a reinforcement rim that produces a high tone at first followed by a deep tone afterwards.

Cosmos Therapy Series

These singing bowls have been designed to accommodate professional meditation and sound therapy workers. They generate a sustained deep tone.

Special Engraved Series

The hand-engraved ornamental design is definitely an eye-catcher. These singing bowls offer the perfect combination of a pleasing sound and look.

Synthesis Series

These singing bowls are based on the Cosmos Series singing bowls with the addition of a design element.

Grounding Series

Our Grounding singing bowls are perfectly suited for sound therapy producing deep tones and a long sustain. You can also stand inside the bowls.

Chakra Set

This set offers seven different singing bowls for every chakra.

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