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by Lucia Nosko

Ground Yourself

The essence of grounding 

„Understanding Grounding means to become a doctor for yourself. We use this process to connect our physical body to the electrical energy field of the Earth which is very important for our mental and physical health.“ 

The physical side of grounding

Everything around us is made of an electrical energy. Our bodies are a combination of electrical energy. The universe conducts a one-way energy flow, that runs through everything on our planet, including plants, animals, people and the surface of the entire globe, creating a huge electrical circuit. The Earth’s one-way energy flows through the Earth’s crust and everything that is conductive and touches its surface, becomes part of this natural circuit.

Our human bodies are highly conductive and connect to this global electrical circuit whenever we come into direct contact with the Earth. Physically speaking, the Earth itself has a negative electrical charge which supports the natural functions of the human body. Evolution has given us feet for a reason, they are an important gateway to the entire body system in this process.

Why grounding is so important nowadays

Over the years we changed our way of living significantly. It is more and more linked to an urban lifestyle. We have lost the natural stimulus to stand on the ground barefoot which used to be very common before.

Nowadays we are wearing shoes all day long. Starting from when we leave the house in the morning to when we arrive back home in the evening.

This is not really what our bodies were originally made for. We are disconnecting ourselves without any compensation. It`s not a problem to be grounded in the city. It’s a matter of thinking about the positive effects and to compensate our daily routine with some short barefoot walks once or twice a week. This will quickly change the chemistry in our bodies. All of this is the physical side – there’s also an energetic side.

Why Grounding should be a part of Sound Healing

There’s a very important aspect of grounding regarding the energetic or spiritual side. Being grounded means staying firmly on the ground. The Root chakra is active and harmonized without any disabilities.

The Root chakra(sankskrit = Muladhara) connects us to the physical world. Through this first chakra, cosmic energy is brought to the body level, and at the same time, the energy of the earth flows into our energetic system.

Earth as an element gives us earthy strength and "firm ground under our feet", the power to assert ourselves and persevere. Its energy affects aspects such as the construction of life, material security, family or sexuality.

When the Root chakra is balanced, we are full of vitality, we accept and understand the material side of life. This makes us stable and gives us an inner strength. In this harmonic state, the energy flowing through our body carries an information: Earth is a safe place for us, where everything we need is provided: favour, food, safety, protection, and money. We open ourselves to life on Earth with confidence.

And this is where it all starts.


Our Experience with Sound Healing Slovakia


For the last 2 years during our therapies in Sound Healing Slovakia, we could observe how and why Grounding is so much needed.

We have gone through many changes as humanity in the last 3 years. Everything we knew has changed very quickly. This affected our roots, our stability – everything we acquired with effort. That’s why so many people went to the psychiatrist with depression, anxiety, burnout and panic attacks. We can easily see this kind of health complications arising in this period.

It is good to take care and understand what our roots are, and how we can develop the strength of our roots. Grounding therapy is one of the most needed.

I‘ll tell you why.

Grounding is where spiritual growth begins

Imagine the number 8, which is also the number of this year 2024. It’s symbolizing balance, as above so below. The balance between spiritual growth and stability in the material world.

Without a ground, there is no space to grow up to or to discover space beyond. We have an endless opportunity to work on ourselves, through the roots with grounding. This work has no ending and it helps us to get a better understanding of the spiritual side of life, without harmful experiences and misunderstandings.

“The secret is that what we heal in depth can significantly change the reality we live in. As a result, there’s an improved understanding and an enhanced quality of life.”

Without this kind of healing work, you can meditate without creating any big changes in your life. Or the other extreme – some people can make very high spiritual experiences due to different types of spiritual sessions and exercises, but can get lost, too. This is very unhealthy and also dangerous. It’s another phenomenon of these days. Trying to get away from reality through some kind of spiritual session – let’s say – short-term.

The Grounding Bowl is able to resonate with deep frequencies in our energetic body. This means that these unique large bowls can easily show us our weak and old frequencies that we no longer need in our lives. The deep sound and the overtones can also create several healing frequencies which can balance and revibrate the old ones.

Spiritual work or therapies should not be ego work in a perfect illusory world. But we are not living in a perfect world. This is one of the topics effecting the roots. It is so easy to see but also hard to understand at the same time. Grounding can be understood, felt and worked on in so many different ways. Grounding means reconnection. It’s an understanding, a power and a great stability.

How to practice Grounding

To ground ourselves or others, we can use many different grounding instruments such as a Grounding Bowl, Drums, Shamanic Rattles, Nut Shakers, Wave Drums, Rainsticks or even our voice. Grounding instruments are an amazing guide, offering us a real and balanced state of our physical body.

I personally prefer a Grounding Singing Bowl. In Sound Healing Slovakia we are using the Meinl Sonic Energy Grounding Bowl with 13000 g. It’s a very deep one and you can use it while somebody is lying down or standing inside of the bowl.

I prefer when my clients lie down to avoid the possibility of dizziness in the head, which can easily happen in the first couple of minutes. When a client is lying down, he or she is automatically connected with the ground and it creates a feeling of safety.

If you plan to play the Grounding Bowl for a short time, I recommend standing in the bowl. For a longer Grounding session, let people lie down.

„To be grounded means to accept life with its material needs and to accept society. After that, we are able to understand the rules of this game we are living in. This game is super powerful and teaching us valuable things ever since we were born.“

The goal of the big topic of Grounding is to understand how to keep yourself healthy, how to feel safe and how to make easy choices in many aspects of life.


About Lucia

Lucia Nosko is a Sound Healer based in Slovakia who has been using sound therapy to help people improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With her Sound Healing Slovakia practice, Lucia offers individual sessions, workshops, and group sound baths using a variety of instruments such as crystal singing bowls and gongs. Lucia is passionate about sharing the transformative power of sound and helping people connect with their inner selves through the healing vibrations of sound.




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