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 “I truly believe music does have the power to change our bodies, our minds, and our world if we simply listen.”

– Liz Meador


“My journey with music and sound began at a young age. As a child, I was often dancing and singing to the music that echoed throughout the rooms of my family home. Listening to everything from Paul Simon to Phantom of the Opera I learned at a young age that music can change the way you feel, that it can take you to another place, and that it can inspire connection with people around you.”


“Throughout my teen years and into college I began exploring various forms of alternative health which eventually led me to discover sound healing. I began studying sound all over the country mentoring and meeting with various musicians and healers. I wanted to learn as much as I could to understand the benefits and power of this art on the body, mind, and spirit.”


“The music I was making was a sound all of my own. This was the creative expression I was offering the world, and it was helping my participants experience what they described as "inner bliss". When leading a sound meditation, I often love to mix in my gongs with other instruments like quartz and metal singing bowls, elfin chimes, wind chimes, and a monolina. I have found the mix of tones and therapeutic sounds helps to soothe listeners and carry them into a place of simply "being".”


“I have led sound meditations for many different size groups ranging from singles to over 50 people and I find that the music and the energy of the space, people in it, etc. creates such a unique sound each time it's like our energy is dancing with one another. I have found that even those new to or skeptical about meditation love the sounds of the gongs and accompanying instruments.”

 “It’s hard not to relax when you hear and feel the soothing vibrations.”

“In the meantime, I travel now all over the city of Chicago and mid-west leading sound meditations at various centers, yoga studios, medical offices, private events, and more … and love every minute of it.

Witnessing the profound power of sound day after day has been one of the most humbling and joyful experiences of my life. I truly believe music does have the power to change our bodies, our minds and our world if we simply listen.” – Liz Meador


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