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Sonic Energy is...YOUR SOUND JOURNEY


A Journey to find...

...more calmness, focus and relaxation. A journey to discover fresh, energizing sounds through instruments designed for anyone to explore, create and feel.


There is so much to explore about the world of Sonic Energy, from the peaceful tones of singing bowls calming the mind to gongs that will help wash away your worries and dream inspiring handpans to muscle relaxing tuning forks. You‘ll discover yourself in a whole new light with the aid of our Sonic Energy tools guiding you to a path of well-being.


This isn’t about performance - anyone can create with Sonic Energy instruments. A musical background isn‘t required. The way we design these instruments immediately activates your senses and opens your mind when you play them. It will come natural to create beautiful and calming sounds that fill your surroundings with ethereal tone.


You will feel the vibrations of the Sonic Energy tools as they move through your body, melting away tension and massaging every fiber of your being. Imagine the sound waves clearing and alleviating anything that could be weighing you down on your path. Get ready for a full body immersion of relaxation and restoration for the mind, body and spirit.

it started How

Meinl Sonic Energy was established in the year 2014. Starting with our Planetary Tuned Gongs, which are handcrafted in Germany, we moved on to Energy Chimes, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, and a variety of other instruments.

Sonic Energy currently provides the widest range of sound therapy instruments in the world for therapists, percussionists, and anyone who wants to bring some new sounds into their lives.

the brand impressions of

Sonic Energy is a high-quality instrument collection. The instruments are used in massages, spas, sound therapies, percussion settings, and a variety of other applications. It's not about putting on a show; instead, it's about allowing the energy to flow through you. You can lose yourself in the sound and forget about the stresses of modern life.

it's used Where

Many practitioners and guides within the health and wellness industry use our instruments therapeutically for stress management, anxiety relief, insomnia, depression, addiction recovery, pain management, etc.

The instruments are unique expressions of the vibrations we encounter on a daily basis and when listened to closely, seem to have a language all of their own. They invite us to appreciate the definition of all things we find harmonious in our life and through this support, our journey begins toward new peace and restoration.

Our collection of beautifully crafted creations makes self-discovery through sound a simple, profound practice.

TeamSonic Energy

Every strong brand requires an even stronger team to support it. Every day, the Sonic Energy team is working on innovative solutions for you. Our carefully chosen items are produced in collaboration with sound specialists from across the world.

Katrin Popp

Research & Development

with Meinl since 2001

Shelly Supper-Zhou

Research & Development

with Meinl since 2012

Jim Busch

Marketing Manager

with Meinl since 2018

Michael Haas

Brand Manager

with Meinl since 2022

experts & Musicians Sound

We thank our partners, sound experts, and musicians to inspire us day by day to make all this possible.

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