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by Tokhi

Release the Stress

The positive effect of sound healing

Life is full of stress and rush. We bring and offer sound healing more as a beautiful way to release this stress. Our cells vibrate at various frequencies of sound – that's why we use sound and vibrations to connect to these cells and organs to promote healing.

The impact to our body

The very first impression will be a relaxed mind and beautiful feelings all over the body. It's very satisfying to just feel the vibrations and listen to the awesome sounds. But really, the positive effect goes much deeper.

The brain comes to theta state, the simplest possible form of meditation. The brain will concentrate on the vibrations, automatically relax and "switch off" the hundreds of thoughts that are streaming through. Another name for these sound meditations is Nada Yoga. We unify the individual mind with pure consciousness through the flow of sounds

Benefits of sound healing therapy

  • physical and emotional healing process
  • deep relaxation
  • stimulation of skin, organs, bones (proven very positive effect after fractures, etc.)
  • removal of blocks and tensions


  • eliminates toxins from the body
  • respiration, heartbeat, pulse, blood pressure, metabolism and digestive system regeneration
  • immediate, non-invasive, but still strong
  • sound frequency streams into the whole body
  • complete regeneration of aura
  • blood circulation improvement
  • better immune system
  • stress management

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