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the world of sonic energy


Who deals with Sonic Energy instruments and how are they be used practically? This page gives you some suggestions and ideas to work with our trending brand. You will see: The potential is immense!

Application areas

There are the most diverse uses of Sonic Energy instruments in the musical, therapeutic, or relaxing field. Sound triggers many emotions, calms thoughts, and helps to focus better.

  • Harmonizing energy balance
  • Relieving back pain
  • Reducing muscle and abdominal tension
  • Strengthening body dynamics
  • Reducing restlessness
  • Favoring better falling asleep
  • Promoting awakeness and clarity
  • Supporting networking in the brain
  • Improving fine motor skills
  • Promoting concentration
  • "In and out" of a meditation or yoga session
  • Helping to let go of everyday life
  • Discovering places of relaxation with dream journeys
  • Deepens the meditation
  • Supporting the self-healing powers
  • Releasing blockages
  • Reducing pain
  • Music therapy for e.g. burn out and overwork
  • Relaxation therapy for e.g. anxiety, restlessness, panic disorder
  • Supports breathing therapy (rhythmic, flowing breath)
  • Assisting in interrupting the "carousel of thoughts"
  • Promoting calmness and balance
  • Helping to focus on just one thing: the sound
  • Preservation of mobility skills and sensory abilities
  • Visual (focus on the instrument)
  • Auditory (preservation of the ability to hear)
  • Kinesthetic (perception of the vibration)
  • Design object and decoration
  • Use as e.g. bowls for jewelry, energy stones, etc.
  • Fashionable home furnishing object, such as Buddha statue


The world of Sonic Energy is not limited to the common music industry, there are much more interesting fields to discover...

  • Yoga & meditation studios
  • Wellness studios e.g. hotels, spas, massage practices
  • Alternative practitioners
  • Psychiatric clinics
  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Psychotherapeutic practices
  • Occupational therapy practices
  • Clinics for pain therapy
  • Nursing homes for the elderly & outpatient care for the elderly
  • Hospices
  • Kindergartens
  • Special educational institutions
  • (Music) schools
  • Furnishing houses & studios
  • And of course the specialized music trade
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