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“Just like adults, children have their own doubts and stress. They are extremely perceptive and sensitive as well. They have to pass through many challenges. For example, when they get a new tooth or when they go to kindergarten for the first time. Also, adults have a lot of demands on them.” - Lucia Nosko, Sound Healing Slovakia


“I'm providing sound therapies for kids from 0 years old. Bringing disharmony gradually into harmony again for these little ones. I do many types of sound therapies and personalize for every child. I can see after a minute or two what kind of "structure" I'm going to apply.

It's important to me to find what is in the best interest of the child. The vibration and resonance from singing bowls or gongs will affect our cells in a natural way, bringing peace. Every child reacts in a different way and I have witnessed many experiences. For example: A baby just a few months old sat up after a sound therapy session.

Many children are really just meditating during a session. How does it look? Easy. You can see it very clearly. After few minutes of sound therapy, kids will start to look very focused on one point. Without thinking. Parents are usually very surprised and happy with their child's experience.”

Children and traumas

“I had an interview with the family of a boy who was not able to speak after his trauma. The parents were desperate. They came and tried sound therapy. After the first one he said his first word after one and a half years. It was an amazing experience. From that time, I'm very focused on the many children that have gone through shock and are not able to speak anymore. Sound therapy is helping them so much. Sound meditation is one of the fantastic ways to help unblock unpleasant experiences.

All children benefit but children that have traumas, find sound meditation brings them back into peaceful balance and days without fear. Sound meditation is a wonderful way of reducing the negative effects of trauma. Many children are crying during the therapy and may need physical contact like hugs, holding a hand, cuddle and so on. All of them are very calm and peaceful. Tears mean the purifying process has begun and these blocks are being removed.”

Group or individual therapies?

“Both are amazing and different, too! Though, working with a big group of small children can be a challenge. Usually they are so spontaneous and are reacting very fast! You have to feel what they need exactly in that moment and read what they want to say with their body language and then work with them.

Children love any type of sound. They love singing bowls but they are absolutely amazed by the gong! You can hardly tell if they are breathing. I'm working with a kindergarten class and I can see a big change in the kid’s problematic behavior. It is a process. For some children the harmonizing process is very fast and we can see a big difference in their behavior. For others, it can take a while. That is because every organism is different.

It is important what is going on in the body during and after sound meditation. During the sound therapy children are usually very peaceful but can be social, too. They begin to hold hands or hug each other. They do it subconsciously. You can see how they are opening inside. It is because they start to feel safe, happy and loved. It's very important to connect with these basic feelings. I'm still studying the physical and mental reaction of the human body. I have many different experiences with my baby clients – All are amazing. Very intensive are the individual therapies. I prefer when parents are attending. They can see what I'm doing, how their baby is reacting. It is interesting.”


“I love to work with kids which are around 7 years old. I can work deeper with them. They are able to meditate in a very intensive way. I ask them a few questions during the therapy. After a while, children can describe to me, with closed eyes, what is going on in their body and mind as well.

Children are able to see many colors. Usually colors of the chakras. They can see also their own fears and disharmony. When they describe this kind of finding, we work together to change it. Afterwards children are happier, calmer, relaxed and much more open. This helps them have better sleep, which helps them perform better in school, how to show more love, to feel their real needs, wishes, visions and plans.”

Sound therapy is the best way

“This helps calm kids in a natural way, makes them happier and helps them to raise their living standards. Balance and harmonization are the most important points in our life and in our children's life, too! No doubts.” - Lucia Nosko, Sound Healing Slovakia

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