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by Alexander Renner


For many years, Alexander Renner has been conducting research into sound and frequency, and their effect on us as humans. In his experience, gongs are the most effective instruments when it comes to connecting with people using different frequencies.

These age-old instruments are his passion – and it's one that he's happy to share. He studies and experiments with old and new technologies in order to optimize life, body, mind, and inner attitude. In other words: life, body, brain, and mind hacks. His focus is on the modelling of brain waves, diet, meditation, mind-set, and health.


Photo: Marion Ullmann

Neuroscience meets sound


His passion for sound and its strong effects was kindled by his teacher and mentor from California, who taught him to play the gong in a unique way and thus alter the frequency of people's brain waves. Following many years of study, research, and experience, he now knows which physical processes in the body and mind can be activated or changed by means of frequencies.

Alexander Renner is an expert on focus and performance. He gives talks on the subject at events and plays a large gong live on stage. As a result, audiences experience first-hand (in their bodies and minds) what he has just talked about. Nothing could be any more direct.

Photo: Marion Ullmann

Photo: Marion Ullmann

The gong is his tool

He uses it to create sound – powerful sound. The frequencies of the gong influence our brains. The brain has the ability to assimilate, resonate, and synchronize. And it is for precisely this reason that the people sitting in his audiences often achieve astonishing results.

Some of them want to unwind more effectively and recharge their batteries. Others are motivated by tasks that they have wanted to focus on for a long time and both groups can easily reach their goals thanks to the right frequencies.

Gongs and meditation

Alexander Renner's background is in kundalini yoga, where meditation with gongs plays a major role. He takes intense gong meditations far into the spectrum of white noise. His multi-gong meditations, featuring several players in one room, are very much in demand. He helps participants unwind and reach states of trance and meditation, often triggering healing and transformation processes that, in turn, initiate lasting change among those who attend his gong sessions. With his gong training programs, he regularly shares his extensive experience with keen students of sound. He aims to ignite his passion for these instruments in others. It is also his intention that his students give urbanites living in a digital world the chance to reconnect with their roots.

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The Flower of Life tuning represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry.

Using the calculations of Hans Cousto's "The Cosmic Octave" to match the frequencies of the sun, moon, and planets, each gong is tuned to produce the corresponding frequency.

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