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by Lucia Nosko

The Phenomena Of Sound Healing

Sound Healing is the new Yoga

Even Buddha said he will come back to the earth in many daughters and sons as healing resonance. That time has already begun.

We, as human beings are thinking and looking for a better understanding of what is going on in our body during every single emotion we have, we had and we are going to have. And how we can help ourselves to process the emotions, memories and all experiences which we passed through.

Sound healing instruments

Sound healing is a set of frequencies, emanating from the source. The source is a resonant instrument. We are lucky, that we have many of these resonant instruments, we can easily choose from nowadays.

It must be said that resonant instruments are not the same as musical instruments. The main difference between musical and resonant instruments is, that musical instruments do not create different frequencies and different tones themselves. Resonant instruments do. For example, gongs and singing bowls are the great masters of creating healing overtones, frequencies and tones by themselves.

Sonic Energy Therapy

Singing bowls and gongs, which are assigned and especially made for therapies, can create more than one tone in a very short amount of time. Not every singing bowl is able to do that. That’s why it’s good to know there are many different kinds of bowls nowadays.

We are not able to heal body and mind with every bowl. I’m personally using therapeutical Meinl Sonic Energy Cosmos singing bowls, mixed with the meditation series Universal singing bowls, which work very well together, since the beginning of my work. They help to turn disharmony in the physical and energetical body to harmony.

Good quality instruments are essential

Many of my students bring their own singing bowls to the course. During the singing bowl course, we measure the frequency and tone of their own bowls. In 90% of the cases, these bowls have absolutely different tones and frequencies than what they were told.

Sometimes, when people have a set of two bowls (with specified tones), they are the same ones, just the size is different, which makes it hard to orientate. But if we have more and more information and if we are seeking for a real source, we’ll win. We can do beautiful therapies, lovely sessions, and deep meditation for ourselves, for our kids, families, clients, animals, etc.

The recipe of healing

Sound healing is primary an alchemy of tones and high vibrant frequencies. If we add joy, passion, and love, we will get a nice recipe for a good start. If we would like to get a more accurate recipe, we must add trust, too. Trust in singing bowls and trust in ourselves. Just close your eyes and try to imagine the frequency of your recipe with all the ingredients you put in. There can be a nice mix of colors and tastes, or not.

All frequencies are communicating together, and trying to find the best balance always. When we are stressed for weeks, months, or years, there is running a rescue program in our cells. The natural state of our cells is homeostasis their primary goal is the preservation of life and reproduction. Many shamans are saying that it‘s almost impossible to stay completely healthy in our modern world. Pressure which is created by society for many years is whispering to our ears „you will be happy if you achieve this, and get that“ etc. This is the opposite program of our minds, than the program with relaxed cells and the whole nervous system.

If we feel like we need to switch into our relax program, we need to activate that program in our mind first. We just need to download an app to our consciousness. We should allow our cells, the nervous system and the mind to rest regularly. Our mind will create a habit then. What we are doing with singing bowls and gongs is a compensation for our physical and energetic body. During a gong bath, or a singing bowl therapy, our body is taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Natural recovery

The feeling of being rooted in the earth is very important. Or how we say „to feel the ground under our feet.“ We can restart this process with the sound and frequencies. To vibrate on the feet area, we are using a big grounding bowl. Or we just use a handheld gong. The sound is deep, and very good for stimulation of many nervous endings. But also, all types of shakers, rattles and drums can make the system in our body run and flow again.

Using the natural voice frequencies are reconnecting us with our deep truth and real essence. Combining voice frequencies with a hand drum is like a beautiful and healing waterfall which is falling directly in the middle of our heart. I would say one of the most favorite instruments of people during sound healing is the wave drum. Almost everyone likes it: little kids, bigger kids, kids with disabilities and adults. It’s fascinating how easy it is to fall in love with this amazing instrument. Even people with tinnitus, people in awake coma and also businesspeople like it.

Never End Exploring & Learning

Another very popular instrument which we can use during or after the sound healing session is the rain stick. Everyone loves it. We are having so much fun with the kids and the rain sounds. We play games like "who has the better shelter, umbrella or raincoat". :)

We just move imagination and experience to the next level. Sound healing is magic. You can play, you can create, you can offer quality therapy, you can make instant happiness for everyone. Holistic resonance creates plenty of rational and irrational aspects what is happening in one moment in body and mind.

What I found out through the years, is that healing through sound and vibration is very complex connected to all the systems in the universe like the human being itself. Therefore, it’s important to never end exploring and learning.

I’m happy to share, Lucia

About Lucia

Lucia Nosko is a sound healer based in Slovakia who has been using sound therapy to help people improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With her Sound Healing Slovakia practice, Lucia offers individual sessions, workshops, and group sound baths using a variety of instruments such as crystal singing bowls and gongs. Lucia is passionate about sharing the transformative power of sound and helping people connect with their inner selves through the healing vibrations of sound.



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