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by Frida Möhres

The GONG, My soul mate

Hi, I'm Frida Möhres

I am known for intuitive, creative and feminine gong playing that flows from the heart and opens the door to the soul. The gongs were love at first sound for me. I landed in my first sound bath purely by chance and had quite a pleasant and inspiring experience that still shapes my life in a wonderful way that I could not have imagined back then ;)

I have been fortunate to learn from many experienced gong masters such as Don Conreaux, Vani Levi, GongMuse, and in collaboration with Alexandra Ott, Nirmal Karam, Lucia Nosko, Jani Toivonen, and many more.

Intuitive gong playing

It is a special honor for me to get to know the intuitive art of gong playing more and more deeply in my practice over the years - I have been fortunate to learn from many experienced gong masters. I'm convinced that the sounds of the instruments transmit an incredibly strong feeling. Gong playing is in a constant state of evolution.

The sounding metal discs embody for me values such as openness, tolerance, harmony, balance and joy.

Magical Gong Sessions

Every session is absolutely unique. It fascinates me every time how the instruments, the sounds and the people come together and create a magical field in which transformations are possible. People draw strength, gain distance from everyday life, find relaxation and inspiration and come closer to their personal truth and authenticity piece by piece.

The sharing circle

I am often touched by the sharing circle at the end of the sound bath: each person describes a very individual experience, even though the same thing has actually just happened for all of us...! This is noted by the participants quite openly and without judgment. There is room and compassion for all variations. It is something very special to experience again and again how unique we all are and how beautiful it is when we can accept each other as we are right now. 

Absolute silence

Even in combination with the noise of a construction site next door, you can suddenly find peace and even the absolute silence after the gong bath feels full and alive. It's almost as if the gongs have a magical gift to let seeming opposites find harmony.

The Gong feels like a soul mate

When I play my gongs, it feels like I'm creating with my soul mates. It's fun to be guided by intuition and sound and to produce out of flow - knowing what you're doing, but without thinking much about it - letting it run free and feeling and enjoying the magic of the moment. Emotions are constantly present in gong playing and at the same time not. All of them are welcome like guests who drop in for a visit and then move on.

Concept of unity

Everything is connected and everything is one. Basically we all drink the same water on this planet, breathe the same air and every now and sometimes we humans don't see the obvious ;) Through the sounds of the gongs the sometimes abstract concept of unity becomes extremely easy to experience - without using words and without background knowledge. Everyone is welcome to participate and create their own personal meditation experience with the sounds in their own perception.

How to find the right gong

I know, it can be confusing to find one's way through the jungle of ever-growing offerings. No two gongs ever sound exactly like each other, even if they are on the same wavelength. In the manufacturing process, there is that moment of magic when the frequency finds its way into the gong while hammering, and no one can quite predict it. Therefore, have absolute faith that your gong soul mate will also seek and find its way to you.

Feel the right time

If you feel that the time has come for a gong to enter your life, keep your eyes and senses open. Look around and maybe try something new, even if you can't predict what will come out of it. Ask questions and connect with people who can help you with tips and open doors. Rely on your intuition and your feeling and if you know it's a certain gong, don't let it go ;) 

My first gong

Personally, I started with a 24" Venus gong because I had to take it far on the plane at the time and the size just felt right to me. I also liked the frequency. Meanwhile the gong stayed in South America and is no longer in my possession, but I enjoyed the time with it very much. It was a pleasure for me to explore the variety of sounds and to be surprised again and again by the sounds. The many sessions with family and friends at home in the living room when it all started are still in my memory and always resonate.

Ask yourself

Here are a few questions that may help you in your process and you are always welcome to reach out as well: What do I plan to do with my gongs? What is my vision? And what do I need to be able to realize it?

My favorite gong

Eight Corners of Heaven Don Conreaux Mirror Gong - I particularly like this gong because it offers a very sensual experience for the gong player while playing: through the mirrored surface, one always perceives one's own surroundings (especially beautiful with nature in the background) and is additionally inspired by the beautiful, flickering light reflections. So the entire ambience flows into the gong playing. A particularly beautiful experience, if you have already grasped the basics well and feel confident in dealing with the gongs.

Learn more about the gong

How to start gong playing

There is no right and wrong in gong playing, except for appropriate and inappropriate. 

It's an intuitive process

Once we play for others, it is important that we have gone through an intense process that has taught us to have sensed and understood at a deep level the special power of the vibrating discs. Gong playing is an intuitive and creative process, a creative and transformative work with the magic of each moment. One does not have to be musical in the classical sense to be able to play gong. It is enough to have a desire to dive deeper into the world of these fascinating sounds.

Learn from experienced artists

Apart from detailed knowledge and playing techniques, the essence of gong playing is conveyed on a subliminal level. My biggest tip is to learn from gong sound therapists and artists who are as experienced as possible, and who ideally have also been empowered to make their experience and knowledge accessible to others and to communicate it well. Ideally, one has the feeling of being on a similar frequency, because when waves resonate well with each other, they go wide circles.

Unique opportunity

My impression is that the sound healing community has a unique opportunity, right now, to preserve the magical essence of our work and still invent how we work together and present our work. This innovation is happening through each one of us and through all of us and is determining the future of our vocation.

Enter into a dialogue

It's nice to get to know your gong intuitively. Choose a suitable mallet and play the gong again and again, just take your time to perceive. Listen carefully to which tone colors unfold for you before you play the gong again. In this way you enter into a dialogue with your instrument and get to know its timbres in exact detail. You will usually find the broadest spectrum in the range between 5 and 7 o'clock. Since the material expands or contracts slightly with the seasons, you will always find something new. Treat yourself every now and then to such a special moment with your gong and take your time. The exercise is ideal to enjoy your gong by yourself.

Everything is possible with the gongs! Let yourself be surprised again and again :)

About Frida

Frida Möhres is known for her intuitive, creative and feminine gong playing, which flows from the heart and opens access to the soul. She loves to incorporate inspirations from astrology, interior design, meditation and music into her creations. Her work can be found on Wanderlust TV, 7Mind, Insight Timer, Soundcloud, and in collaboration with artists of various disciplines, among others. She is a certified instructor for Gong Playing and creates workshops, events, retreats and puja nights in Berlin and worldwide.




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