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by Patrik Niels


"You wouldn't believe their happy faces, their indescribable big smiles when they discover that they actually CAN play music"  - Patrik Niels

Connect through music

"In my workshops, training sessions or even in our shop I show people how to interact and connect through sound or music, connect between you and someone else, but also between you and your inner self. The language of these instruments bypasses misinterpretation or judgement of the spoken language and is therefore experienced as so much safer and easier to connect to. This can lead to emotional release, intense transformation and eventually a profound feeling of inner peace."

steel tongue drums - Very easy to play

"Now, that is what I love about Steel Tongue Drums. They're rather new and don't come from any tradition or culture, but they are so accessible and easy to play. I've seen people play them with their fingertips, others with their hands, and for those who aren't comfortable with physically touching the instrument, well … it comes with rubber mallets. The pentatonic tuning of the instrument gives comfort and confidence to the player. There simply are no wrong notes to play. Its smooth sides, compact size and included padded carry bag make it so easy to carry with you."


Steel tongue drums are frequently used in sound healing sessions, due to their soothing and relaxing sound and wonderful playability but also because of their great suitability within a sound bath setting. The fusion of singing bowls and other sound healing instruments can revalue and intensify any session to great extent. Setting the mood and achieving a state of total relaxation before a singing bowl or tuning fork session and maintaining this state throughout can be accomplished by playing the steel tongue drum before and concurrently.


"I often get people who are afraid to play a musical instrument, because they're not trained musicians. I introduce them to the steel tongue drums and let them discover for a few minutes. You wouldn't believe their happy faces, their indescribable big smiles when they discover that they actually CAN play music. That is where their journey starts, a journey of deep connection and transformation. Often, letting them repeat a pattern of just two or three notes for some time is enough to bring them to a different state of mind. Depending on what and how the drum is being played, it can be a state of relaxation, or a meditative state, a state of pure joy and ecstasy, or a state of sadness and grief which, from a therapeutic point of view, can open doorways towards personal healing."

comfortable interaction

"There are many other ways to use the steel tongue drum in a therapeutic environment: The physical vibration of the instrument gives a soothing massage when placed on the lap or even on a table. When two people start playing the drum together, simultaneously or alternately, it creates a safe and comfortable interaction between them, some sort of musical conversation. Try to use this with people who are suffering some social or communicative disorder. You'll be surprised. Use the sound of the steel tongue drum to evoke imagery in psychotherapy."

Learn more about patrik

Since many years Patrik Niels, together with his wife Myriam, runs his sound & music medicine center & shop 'Merlyn' in Belgium selling & promoting musical instruments for energy work, therapy, healing, meditation, relaxation, wellness, etc. and organizing lectures, workshops, training sessions, concerts & sound healing sessions.

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The sound of Steel Tongue Drums in terms of articulation features a soft attack and long sustain with a reverb-like characteristic. This can vary slightly depending on whether the instrument is played solely by hand or utilizing a mallet. The dynamic range reaches from very quiet to loud without creating any inharmonious overtones.

Mini Steel Tongue Drums

  • Miniature size (5.5" diameter)
  • Pre-tuned scale
  • Finishes: Black, Navy Blue, Gold
  • Tunings: C Major, A Major, B Major

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Steel Tongue Drums

  • Standard size (12" diameter)
  • Pre-tuned scale
  • Finishes: Black, Vintage Brown
  • Tunings: A Minor, A Akebono, G Major

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