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Below you will find some concrete help on how to work with our Tuning Forks and the fitting Vibration Feet.

Why it makes sense to use Tuning Fork Vibration Feet

Tuning forks are mostly used for the selective stimulation of energy points in the body. With the special attachments of Sonic Energy, we go beyond this treatment option and enable a variety of new applications. Due to the larger contact surface to the skin, the vibration effect is intensified and extended. With the attachments it is now possible to offer different energetic massage treatments and generate an enormous added value.

In addition, the attachments have been designed in collaboration with specialists so that they can be used very effectively in alternative animal treatment.

Advantages of using Tuning Fork Vibration Feet

With the ability to treat not only specific points but larger areas, they have found their place in various fields such as massage, cosmetics, and therapy.

Balancing the tuning fork

Furthermore, these attachments create a harmonious balance with the tuning fork itself, enhancing its usability. The overall weight distribution and ergonomic design make them exceptionally user-friendly, allowing professionals and even enthusiasts to utilize them with ease.

Amplify the tuning fork’s vibration

In addition to their user-friendliness, these attachments amplify the effects of the tuning fork's vibrations, making the treatment noticeably more potent.

Simple and quick installation

Each Tuning Fork Vibration Foot is effortlessly secured to the base of the tuning fork using a readily available screw mechanism, ensuring a stable and reliable connection. This user-friendly setup allows for quick changes between attachments, accommodating different treatment modalities.

How to start

Before you get started, make sure to gently warm the attachments, preferably under running water or with your hand. This ensures that the application feels comfortable and pleasant for either you or the person receiving the treatment.

The right intention

The intention when setting up and treating with the tuning fork is as important as the frequency used itself. Proceed lovingly and carefully. “Where attention goes, energy flows.”

Apply on skin or lightweight clothing

Each attachment can be applied directly on the skin or over lightweight clothing. This versatility empowers practitioners to choose the most suitable approach for their clients,

Add massage oils

To intensify the massage effect, practitioners can opt to use suitable massage oils in conjunction with the tuning fork attachments. This combination amplifies the therapeutic benefits, making the treatment even more effective and relaxing.

Open holding of the tuning fork

It is best to hold the tuning fork so that both forks are vertically above each other. This leads to a better flow of energy (Qi) and shortens the treatment if necessary. In addition, the tuning fork should always be aligned in the direction of the meridians.

Where to use

For the face, we recommend using the flat attachment VF-FS or the small ball VF-RS in combination with the TF tuning forks, such as the TF-FOL, TF-S or TF-E tuning fork.

Stress balance

Use the Earth Tuning Fork TF-E and trace the following four points: Point 1 is at the tip of the sternum. Points 2 and 3 are in the third rib space on the mammillary line (line of the nipples). Point 4 is in the middle of these three previous points.

Restlessness and stage fright

The Earth Tuning Fork or the Master Tuning Fork are good for calming inner restlessness. One point is located at the tip of the sternum, a second "Ren17" is located on the midline at the level of the nipples. The year tone Om of the Earth Tuning Fork represents the power of love. The Master Tuning Fork focuses on selfless mother love.

Destabilize scars

The Tuning Fork Geomagnetic Field is said to help in the de-stressing of scars. Best used in combination with the large silver Tuning Fork Vibration Foot VF-RL. The application should last about 30 minutes.

Spinal harmonization

Use our ball attachments VF-RL, VF-RM and VF-RS to slowly trace the spine, starting at the tailbone from the bottom up, massaging on every single spine. The Mars or Sun Tuning Fork is particularly suitable for this. The spines are related to many organs in our body.

Chakra harmonization

This treatment proceeds chakra by chakra, first on the right foot, then on the left foot. You start at the bottom of the foot with the root chakra and move chakra, by chakra, upwards over the tips of the toes with the crown chakra. Our chakra tuning fork set TF-SET-CHA-7 can be used for this purpose.

Veterinary medicine

The Tuning Fork Vibration Feet are created through collaboration with specialists in alternative veterinary medicine. Thus, they are extremely suitable in the accompanying treatment in the physical and psychological field of animals, too.

Variety of treatment philosophies

Furthermore, tuning fork attachments cater to a variety of treatment philosophies, accommodating diverse approaches. Whether focusing on specific acupressure points such as Shu Points, following meridian lines, aligning with chakras, or simply targeting areas on the body that require relaxation, tension relief, and revitalization, these attachments offer the flexibility to meet a wide range of therapeutic needs.


Just use regular dish soap or disinfectant to clean the Tuning Fork Vibration Feet.


Healing is a very individual process and runs differently with each person, each animal! In diseases of the depth, such as cancer, the gross and subtle body should always be treated and considered. Phonophoresis should be seen in severe diseases necessarily as a supplement, but not as a complete replacement of medical treatment.


Sources: „Heilen mit dem Kosmischen Ton“ by Thomas Künne & Roswitha Stark


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