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How to play the Crystal Singing Chalices

Discover how to play these unique instruments made from galvanised glass and immerse yourself in their soothing sounds. Let's explore the world of Crystal Singing Chalices together!

Mallets & How to Use Them

When you first start using Crystal Chalices, it is important to decide which mallets to play them with. Due to the shape and smoothness of these bowls, some mallets work better than others.

My personal recommendation is to use Silicone and Suede Rod Mallets. Suede Mallets are perfect for striking the bowls, as they make a clear, crisp tone when you lightly strike the top of the bowl. Striking multiple bowls together can make a beautiful harmony or striking the same bowl 1 to 3 times for example, makes a great way to start or end a sound bath session.

When singing the Chalice by moving the mallet around the edge, I recommend using a Silicone Rod as this material creates a smooth build-up of sound and allows the bowl to resonate in a peaceful, soothing way. Whilst you can sing the bowl with a Suede mallet, you will produce a sound more quickly and evenly when using Silicone.

Ways to play the Chalice

My favourite aspect of the Chalice Bowls is that they can be played both in your hand, and on the floor. To play the Chalice in your hand, pick up the bowl with your non-dominant hand at the handle, and either strike or sing the bowl with your other hand.

As the bowl sings, begin to rotate the bowl in a circular motion in your hand to make the sound travel in different directions around yourself and the room to create a different sound effect.

When playing the Chalice on the ground, begin by resting your non-dominant hand on its base gently, to help the chalice balance on the floor. Then, either strike or sing the bowl with your other hand. As you become more confident in playing, you may find you no longer need to rest one hand on the chalice for balance.

Playing Chalices Together and with Other Instruments

My favourite way to use the Chalice Bowls is to play them together or with clear bowls as their smooth sounds flow beautifully with each other. I recommend pairing complimentary notes, such as the Meinl A, C & F note chalices, or explore sounds from different octaves, such as the Meinl 4th Octave F and 3rd Octave F chalices.

When playing a Chalice bowl with a set of frosted bowls, I recommend playing your frosted bowls as normal, and then picking up a chalice bowl, striking it with a suede mallet, and then gently moving and rotating the chalice in a circular motion to send a calming wave of sound that moves in a different direction to the other sounds.

When finishing a sound bath with the Chalices, I recommend using the Kenari or Pala shaker, as their sound is reminiscent of flowing water which perfectly complements the calming feel that a Chalice bowl produces.

About Harriet

Harriet uses sound as a way to connect more deeply to your self and your senses through unique soundscapes using specific instruments. By using instruments such as the Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Rattles, Tuning Forks and Chimes, she creates bespoke Sound Healing sessions and experiences on a 1-1 and group basis for private clients, events, retreats, corporate workshops, experiences and wellbeing days. All of these are available in person, and also online.




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