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by Hans Cousto

The Cosmic octave

"When the person (Latin: per-sonare), is in tune with the cosmos, then the cosmos is resonating in the person. When you become aware of this, consciousness reaches cosmic dimensions."

- Hans Cousto

About Hans Cousto

Hans Cousto was born in 1948 in the French part of Switzerland. As a freelance scientist, he is best known for his determination of astronomically based calculations and confirming the tones intuitively discovered by ancient cultures. In this way, he has been able to solve the centuries-old problem of concert pitch, otherwise chosen arbitrarily in countries of the West. Cousto has also proved to be a trendsetter with his tuning forks, which in the opinion of Joachim Ernst Berendt, ring out the tones of primordial sound.

Spheric sound

"In ancient Greece there were many reports of the spheric sound. Plato writes at the end of the 13th book of the law: "Every figure, every row of numbers and every assemblage of harmonious sounds, the accordance of the cycles of the celestial bodies and the One as an analogy for all which is manifesting itself... must become exceedingly clear to him who is searching in the right manner. That of which we speak will however come to light if one strives to recognize all, while not losing sight of the One. It is then that the connecting link of the ones named will come to light..."

The connecting link is the law of the octave. Through systematic application of this law to all the period phenomena, it is possible to listen to the relation of the vibrations of the planets and also to the structures of the different atoms and molecules."

The law of the octave

"In 1946 Hermann Hesse received the Nobel Prize in literature for his book: The Glass Bead Game. The principles of the Glass Bead Game are: "A new language, a sign and formula of which mathematics and music equally partake, enabling one to combine astronomical and musical formulas, a common denominator for mathematics and music." The law of the octave is this principle where mathematics and music equally partake. This law makes it possible to combine astronomical and musical formulas. It is the common denominator of astronomy, mathematics, music and color."

Convert the solar system into sound

"Through the law of the octave it is possible to convert the whole solar system into sound. The number of octaves gives you the 'scale'. In the same way the scale on a map helps you to visualize the landscape, the law of the octave demonstrates relationships. The base sounds in this booklet are calculated purely on mathematics and physics and show the scientific base of an old mystical lore. Each step is successive, you can recalculate it, and you don’t have to take it on faith. These primal sounds are based on a genuine mathematical foundation but they unite all three principles: science, veneration of beauty and meditation."

Books of Hans Cousto

The Cosmic Octave – Origin of Harmony

The explorer of the formula of Cosmic Octave Hans Cousto offers a unique survey of a new scientific view of the world where a direct relationship has been proven to exist between musical tones, colors, and the vibrations of the universe. The natural formula of the Cosmic Octave makes it possible to openly demonstrate the direct relationship of astronomical data, such as the frequencies of planetary orbits, to architectural works, ancient and modern measuring systems, the human body, music, and medicine.

128 pages, written in German language.

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Relating Sound to Color and the Cosmic Octave

During the Moon-Pluto conjunction on October 2, 1978, the first sound frequencies of the Earth's movement were calculated according to the law of the octave. In the autumn of 1979, the "Interplanetarian" tuning forks and their frequencies became more and more a topic of conversation; a lot of people wanted to learn about these cosmic vibrations. It became impossible to answer all these questions directly from person to person. The necessity arose to put down some essential thoughts and fundamental calculations in booklet form, to give interested circles at least some kind of frame of reference for their thoughts on this subject. The text explains and formalizes all steps necessary to calculate standard pitches (for tuning purposes) from astronomical data of the planetary motions.

53 pages, written in German & English language.

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