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improve your sleep - play didgeridoo

Sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea is an issue faced by many people around the globe. A relatively unknown way to find relief and sleep better is to play the didgeridoo!

The didgeridoo

...(pronounced: didscheridu) is a rhythm instrument, which consists of a wooden tube. This wood tube serves as an amplifier of the sound generated with the player’s lips.

From the point of view of instrumentology, the didgeridoo can be classified as a wind instrument in the family of aerophones. This family includes all those wind instruments that produce sound primarily by causing a body of air to vibrate.

The didgeridoo is mainly played while sitting or kneeling, with the end of the instrument resting on the floor. As a beginner, you will probably only get an unusual humming sound out of the didgeridoo. However, the didgeridoo can produce much more than that. Experienced players succeed in producing versatile sounds, rhythms and compositions with the didgeridoo through the interplay of mouth and throat movements, voice effects as well as a special breathing technique.

Learn circular breathing

The technique of circular breathing is used widely by wind players including the didgeridoo. It enables the player to hold and sustain notes for a long time. This can also be very beneficial to people struggling with obstructive sleep disorders. It raises conscious attention by the player towards the breathing mechanism while also strengthening many muscles involved in breathing.

Watch the video below, Tayfun Schulzke plays the didgeridoo without taking off. So he breathes while playing and uses exactly that technique.

confirmed by studies

A well-documented Swiss study published in 2005 assessed the question whether playing the didgeridoo may ease symptoms of such disorders. And the results were quite promising.

By learning techniques like circular breathing in playing the didgeridoo and practice for as little as 20 minutes per day five days a week can reduce the apnoea-hypopnoea-index by up to 48% the study stated. The severity of the sleep apnea has eased from medium levels to an overall low level. According to the questionnaire filled out by the subjects the didgeridoo has also increased the subject’s quality of sleep significantly.1


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