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The African thumb piano, or kalimba is a percussion instrument consisting of a number of thin metal blades (keys) mounted on a soundbox or soundboard. Sometimes they're made with a sound hole in the middle, sometimes they're made from solid wood.

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Our Solid Kalimbas are stable instruments that are extra comfortable to hold andmade of great different woods. They offer a sustained and warm sound due to the resonance of the entire body.

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Sound hole

The traditional soundhole of these Kalimbas creates warm and direct tones with a long sustain. Besides, we incorporated wonderful designs around the soundhole.

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Our pickup models feature an integrated pickup and high-quality quarter-inch output jack to amplify the instrument whenever you need to.

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Wah-wah Kalimbas have a body-oriented soundhole so you can create the wah-wah-effect by simply bouncing the Kalimba body on and off your belly which creatively moves the sound.

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These miniature size instruments are excellent gift ideas and give you a first insight into the exciting world of Kalimbas. 

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