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There are no limits

You can use it like a self-meditative instrument, with a band or for example loop it together with another percussion instrument.

These Handpans are just moving the boarders. You can play everywhere you go. Just relax and focus on sounds or echo from a big hall, small room, church, the woods or near the sea. The high quality steel protects your tones and harmony. So, don't worry! Play everywhere and explore the sound possibilities, vibrations, aliquots.

"If I start to play, I feel the music right away.
It's a new element for me"

I started to play these instruments like two years back. In the beginning like a sound healing pan, just to help other people to feel the vibrations, hear the sound and make them feel good. I use these instruments during sound healing sessions, meditations and activities for groups, or individual therapies.

Also, I have been playing them at special events, like in galleries, tea rooms and clubs for some openings or private parties. But I'm a percussion player, that's why I found other possibilities how to use these beauties. They can be played alone or with other instruments, like piano, or violin.

I use them for special events – like solo shows, in galleries, small clubs.

the meinl harmonic art handpans

Handpans are very popular instruments, in last few years. There are many options and possibilities of how and where to choose this right instrument for you. These beautiful sculptures are designed for musicians of course, but also for people on beginning their musical journey.
Every instrument has a scale and each note matches with other ones.

That's why is quite simple to play the handpan, because you cannot hit the wrong note.

With MEINL Harmonic Art Handpans, there are many beautiful scales you can try.
Clear, pure tone with strong aliquots, which you can hear with every hit.

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