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Meinl Sonic Energy

Frame Drums

The frame drum is one of the most ancient types of drum. It is now used as a shaman drum for ceremonies, as a drum for ambient, meditative sounds, or as a harmonic variation in compositions all over the world.

Hand Drums

  • Wooden frame
  • Goatskin head

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Designed Hand Drums

  • Wooden frame
  • Goatskin head
  • Design element

All Designed Hand Drums


Synthetic Head Hand Drums

  • Wooden frame
  • Synthetic head

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Wave Drums

  • Wooden frame
  • Goatskin and synthetic head
  • Create relaxing sounds of the surf

All Wave Drums

Native American Hoop Drums

  • Wooden frame
  • Buffaloskin head
  • Design element

All Native American Style Hoop Drums

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