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Meinl Sonic Energy

Energy Chimes

Energy Chimes are single sound bars made of aluminum, mounted on a wooden base. They are struck with a small mallet to produce a high-pitched sound. You can use them to start or end meditation, to give sound signals in classes, or for many other purposes. Our Energy Chimes are tuned to different frequencies (based on the calculations of Hans Cousto).

Planetary Tuned Energy Chimes

Here you will find single Energy Chimes, based on the calculations of Hans Cousto.

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Here you will find Energy Chimes Sets based on the calculations of Hans Cousto.

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Flower of Life Energy Chime

Highly vibrating signal tone in the Flower of Life tuning (2048 Hz / C7).

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Energy Chime Case

Durable leather case to store up to 8 Energy Chimes.

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