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Meinl Sonic Energy


Chimes produce wonderful, atmospheric sounds that invite you to dream. They could be used for different purposes such as sound healing, meditation, decoration, or even as unique sound effects.

Meditation Flow chimes

Made to be swirled around. Perfect for sound healings, sound baths, and meditation sessions.

All Meditation Flow Chimes


Wind Chimes

Various wonderfully decorative wind chimes that can be attached to a hook.

All Wind Chimes


Hand Chimes

Small chimes that can be played comfortably in the hand.

All Hand Chimes


Wooden Chimes 

Made from natural materials, perfect for creating atmospheric, soothing sounds.

All Wooden Chimes


Metallic Chimes

Classic chimes, mostly used in percussion setups.

All Metallic Chimes



Interesting sound effects for a variety of purposes.

All Bells


Meinl Brands